EQDS - En quête de solutions

3-phase research set-up


  1. 1 Before

    ••Highlight the relationship between the Brand’s power and the Image attributes that it captures:

    • Brand power is the variable to be explained,
    • The brand’s image attributes are the variables that explain.
    Diagnosis module

    Diagnosis module

    • Image Attribute scores in a competitive situation
    • Power Scores
    • Ranking and weighting of Image Attributes.
    • From the variables that contribute most to the brand’s current power to those that contribute least.
  2. 2 Exposure 

  3. 3 After

    •Impact of the launch of a new initiative on the brand’s image attributes (in positive and negative terms), while the X-Equity model calculates potential brand power.

    Prospective module
    Prospective module
    • Evaluation of the appeal of the new initiative.
    • Evaluation of the brand’s image attributes.
    • Impact on the brand’s power.